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Intelligent HD LED Poster

Highly integrated LED poster applies HERA PRO-I cabinet (3-in-1 hub board) with built-in power supply, control card and preassembled base, and can be put into service right after module assembly and moved flexibly by wheels on the base.


Typical Applications

  • 72" display area features HD and smooth display effect, wide viewing angle and 1920/3840Hz refresh rate, providing vivid and rich color performance.
  • Support fast material editing and publishing on USB and PC end, one-to-many centralized LAN material management, remote cluster screen control and management on Cloud service platform.
  • TRhe Product can be used in single-unit mode or multi-unit splicing mode. Cascade splicing of five units becomes a 138" display device with 16:9 standard aspect ratio, satisfying various display requirements in more application scenarios.
  • The CRIUS Ⅰ series poster can be widely used in retail stores, hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, banks, companies, hospitals, schools, airports, subway stations and etc.
  • Integrated Design, Flexible Operation
  • HD Image, Vivid Color Displaying
  • Intelligent Advertising Publish
  • Multi-units Splicing Available, More Application Possibilities
  • No Optical Splicing Seam | Creative Splicing Applications | Simple Disassembly

Led Poster specification sheet

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