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Independently developed by QSTECH, ATHENA MESH LED display series owns features of light weight, high transparency, stable operation and high installation efficiency, which is perfect for display solutions on surface and roof of outdoor buildings. With huge display screen, LED mesh can naturally attract the people passing by, and thus to achieve better advertising effect. Especially in cases where there are requirements for building facade load-bearing, lighting and laws and regulations, LED mesh has become irreplaceable choice for outdoor advertising.


ATHENA MESH, your smart display solution for outdoor large-scale advertising.

  • Slim and light weight, only 10.3KG/pcs
  • Quick lock installation
  • User-friendly support bar
  • Seamless surface with module combination instead of strip
  • Super thin mask
  • Indoor & outdoor available


  • Trade shows and exhibitions
  • Advertisements and street tv
  • Creative events
  • Celebrations and fashion show
  • Large-scale concerts

Typical Applications

Athena solution

specification sheet

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