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NORMAL SERIES - Z series - 

Normal LED screen adopts Magnesium alloy and aluminum cabinets design, strong steady and endurable structure, providing longer stability and protection to SMD LED lamps.


A creative LED screen design brings fantastic visual effect for the audience. This type of screens  helps form any curved or rounded shape for a higher impact and exposure.


owns features of light weight, high transparency, stable operation and high installation efficiency, which is perfect for display solutions on surface and roof of outdoor buildings.

COMPANY LED WORLD offers a wide range of high quality standard LED display products "LED screens" as well as customized solutions. With a leading R&D team in the industry from, Qstech a CVTE company , CLW pays full attention to individual requirement from clients, it can work out full package of services from project study, initial product design, up to production and after services and other extended services if needed.

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